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Validation and Verification

Investigation of Photoplethysmography Behind the Ear for Pulse Oximetry in Hypoxic Conditions with a Novel Device (SPYDR)

"We investigated the accuracy of a clinically novel PPG site using SPYDR®, a new PPG sensor suite, against arterial blood gas (ABG) measurements as well as other commercial PPG sensors at the finger and forehead in hypoxic environments. SPYDR utilizes a reflectance PPG sensor applied behind the ear, between the pinna and the hairline, on the mastoid process, above the sternocleidomastoid muscle, near the posterior auricular artery in a self-contained ear cup system. ABG revealed accuracy of SPYDR with a root mean square error of 2.61% at a 70–100% range, meeting FDA requirements for PPG sensor accuracy."

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Acoustic Assessment: SPYDR


"This study was a direct comparison of legacy earcups and SPYDR earcups worn in combination with the HGU-55/P flight helmet and oxygen mask. Data collected

28-30 June, 2022."

"Overall, based on the acoustic assessment, the SPYDR earcups would be considered an acceptable replacement for the legacy earcups."

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