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Instrumenting The Operator

Real-Time Alerts. Real-Time Results.

Spotlight Labs creates effective and efficient human-machine teams in environments where human cognition, physiology, and decision-making are critical to mission success. 

SPYDR accomplishes this mission. 

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SPYDR’s Root Mean Squared (RMS) for 70-100% SaO2 has been tested to 2.61%, which is below the 3.5% required by the FDA.


Human factors have long been the single greatest source of preventable aviation mishaps. Until now. SPYDR is a uniquely integrated platform of wearable sensors that tracks physiological risk factors and mitigates life-threatening situations for service pilots and other decision-critical operators.

Total SPYDR Sorties in Fighter Jet Aircraft


US Navy

“The days of subjective guessing of physiological symptoms, or worse yet, missing the symptoms are over. The system doesn’t measure success in “saves” because it is designed to avoid an aircrew “save” and instead measure its success in “alerts.” The system ensures that aircrew do not need to be saved and instead ensures aircrew can prevent a dangerous situation as the system did for me.” 

-Tony D. Cartwright, MTSI Test Pilot 


There is an urgent need for an objective metric for quantifying human performance in highly dynamic environments. Before SPYDR, no robust objective metrics for quantifying physiological stress had been successfully implemented.


Spotlight Lab's SPYDR sensor platform for gathering high-fidelity biodata, correlated to real-time environmental data, measures human physiological and cognitive performance in the airborne environment like never before.


Collecting previously unobtainable physiological data in extreme environments, Spotlight Labs transforms multi-modal data streams into robust models to develop indicative and predictive algorithms of human performance and decision-making.

Spotlight's data-centered, scientific approach to problem-solving has resulted in numerous patents, publications, and successful production contracts in the field of communications, data links, and cryptography.
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Spotlight Labs has decades of experience in military operations, human subjects research, and technology integration.


Founded and led by veteran fighter pilots, Spotlight Labs shares a personal commitment to our customers in executing their peacetime training and combat missions.


We are conducting long and short term studies of human cognitive performance using SPYDR biometrics. If you are interested in participating, enter your email address below for more information.

Thank you for your interest!


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