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Spotlight Labs is a veteran-owned, small business, founded by fighter pilots on the heels of Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom. In 2005 as a training and operations company, Spotlight Labs tapped into the tremendous talent and knowledge of our nation’s most elite air and ground war fighters, building a tactical training staff comprised of Navy SEALs, Army Rangers, Air Force Combat Controllers and other Department of Defense special operations forces elements.  In 2009, Spotlight Labs expanded into software development for the war fighter. The company has produced cutting edge software in the areas of tactical data links, airfield surveys, sensor integration, cryptology and mobile devices.




Operating System agnostic tool allowing both tactical and permissive surveyors to focus on data collection, rather than application training with this Falconview based airfield survey generator.  Build Autocad output without using Autocad.  Easily build Adobe PDF and Form Flow output without the use of form software.

Generic Host Jockey

Brings the flexibility of J-Series messages to a SADL user on the ground or in the air.  Communicate with A-10s, F-16s or specialty aircraft with the most user-friendly data link available.  Interfaces all systems designed to communicate over Cursor on Target XML, including Falconview, C2PC, vISR and Sentry.


Leveraging the flexibility of the most prolific 4th Generation tactical data link among US, NATO and coalition forces, interface any Cursor on Target XML based user applications directly with a Link-16 terminal, MIDS LVT or a Small Tactical Terminal using J-Series messages.  



Spotlight Labs manufacturers a number of peripherals and connectors designed to facilitate the connection between tactical radios, mobile computers, and input/output devices.  Our most commonly ordered devices are in-stock and listed below.  However, any cable, connector or peripheral can be custom designed, produced and delivered to the war-fighter on short notice.


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